The Science Behind Green Coffee – Jenny Logan DNMed

In my previous blogs, I have been looking at ways to help support people who are wanting to lose weight: including the 5:2 diet and the use of Glucomannan to help fill you up more and so eat less.

In my final blog in a series on natural ways to support weight loss, I am going to focus on the claims and science behind Green Coffee.

Written By Jenny Logan DNMed. (Jenny is a Nutritional Therapist who has worked with clients in Health Foods Stores and Private Clinics for over 20 years.)



Green Coffee is sourced from unroasted coffee beans. Rejecting the roasting process helps to preserve compounds called chlorogenic acids.

Chlorogenic acids are often removed during the roasting process of coffee produced for drinking because of their bitter taste, but are abundant in green coffee and credited with many of it’s beneficial effects.



The chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee is said to help reduce the absorption of sugars in the digestive tract. This means that if you are someone that just cannot resist the occasional high carb treat – bread, pasta, biscuits etc. – Green Coffee could help to reduce the impact this will have on your diet.

Don’t get me wrong – it will not allow you to eat whatever you like and still lose weight.  But it would help you to enjoy a little bit of what you fancy, without the negative impact!



The best form of Green Coffee is thought to be provided by a product called Svetol.

Svetol® is a natural plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee, rich in active components. It is obtained from unroasted coffee beans of the Robusta variety.

Svetol is a highly researched, 100% natural, Green Coffee extract. It has no reported side effects, and is also decaffeinated, making it much safer for consumers to take.  Svetol contains less caffeine than a 1/4 cup of normal coffee.



One clinical trial showed a 5.7% reduction in body weight over 2 months, and a reduction in body mass index of 10% in people using Svetol Green Coffee.

Another trial demonstrated the potential effects of Svetol Green Coffee on fat reduction. Subjects were provided with either a Svetol supplement or a placebo. Those on the Svetol had 4% better fat-to-lean ratio after 2 months – indicating that they had burned fat during exercise more effectively. This fat burning effect is likely to be due to the claims that Green Coffee can also help to improve the production of the fat burning hormone adiponectin.



With all this considered, Green Coffee supplements could offer weight loss support to someone trying to follow a reasonably low carb diet, alongside some exercise – as it should help to support their efforts and improve weight loss and fat burning.

If you do decide to try Green Coffee to support weight loss however, make sure the product is manufactured using Svetol Green Coffee, as this will ensure it has a low caffeine content and is the form with all the research data behind it.


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